How are you different than a moving company?

A moving company offers an invaluable service, and is focused on getting your belongings from point A to point B.  However, there are many (many!) other details that go into preparing for a move and getting settled into your new home. We take a holistic approach to moving, and strive to simplify and streamline all aspects, to ensure a stress-free experience by:

  • Creating a floor plan for your new residence

  • Organizing, sorting and downsizing

  • Coordinating the sale, donation, gifting or disposal of unwanted items

  • Developing an overall move plan

  • Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing movers

  • Packing (including all packing materials!)

  • Unpacking and setting up the new home

  • Coordinating post move services such as final home clean-out

Do you only work with Seniors?


While we specialize in supporting seniors, we support all types of residential moves.  Move managers are common in the senior community due to the extensive downsizing and additional support that is often needed to ensure a smooth home transition.  Busy families and working professionals also benefit from the streamlined process a move manager can bring to simplify their move and make it a more stress-free experience.

Moving is expensive – wouldn’t it just be cheaper to do it myself?


It may be cheaper, but think about the last time you moved - how many nights and weekends did you spend purging and packing; how many boxes did you pay to move that are still in your basement; how many vacation days did you use? You can certainly do it yourself, but hiring a move manager brings a focused and streamlined process to your move, which allows you to accomplish in days what would otherwise take weeks.  We help you offset moving costs by minimizing the move of unwanted / no longer needed items, and selecting / scheduling vendors in the most cost effective manner.   


Later life moves can be particularly overwhelming and cause considerable stress. Hiring a move manager that specializes in such moves can make the home transition much smoother, which allows families to focus on the emotional aspects of taking their next step. We believe these benefits far outweigh potential incremental costs.  


I am interested in obtaining some help with my mom's move, but I am still available to help pack boxes - is that okay?

Of course! We offer a menu of services from which you can choose and pay accordingly. We started this business based upon our own personal experiences helping family members move, and our number one goal is to help reduce your stress.  

How much does it cost to hire a Move Manager?

The cost of our services range depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Our process begins with a free consultation during which time we will work to understand your needs, and will provide a proposal for services which includes an estimated cost based upon number of hours and supplies needed. Depending on your personal situation, we can estimate an entire job, or can provide services based upon an hourly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions